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This website is mostly about weather (after all, I am a meteorologist), but I also use this website to post about travel, hiking, the great outdoors, amateur radio, and whatever else I'm interested in.

About Me

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Since I am a professional meteorologist, and the fact that most of my interests stem from weather (or nature, generally), this is the main focus of the website. I primarily write about hurricanes and other tropical weather here, since tropical weather is what got me into meteorology in the first place.

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Hiking and the outdoors are by far my favorite leisure activty, thus I have dedicated a section of my website to these activities. Here you'll find travel logs, hiking information, and landscape and nature photography.

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Amateur Radio

Amateur radio (i.e. ham radio) is among my newest hobbies. It started as something I did for work, but I got involved in the hobby outside of work, and has grown into a full-time hobby as its own. Since I live in an apartment, HF radio is difficult for me to do, but I'm exploring ways to get into it.