This is Jason Godwin's personal website. On this site, I will publish commentary and blogs on my three main hobbies and interests: weather, elections, and cooking. See the individual sections below for more details.


On the weather section of my website, you will find my commentary on significant weather and climate events around the world. As I am preparing to start my first full-time job, I will not be able to update this page daily any more, though I will try to update more frequently if there is a tropical cyclone threatening the United States. I also have RAP real-time analysis maps avaialble.

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No, this isn't your usual political blog. On this site, I use a simple statistical model to predict the outcome of elections. My model performed well in 2012, but not as well in 2014. I hope to have a more advanced model launched for the 2016 general election. Currently, I am developing models for the presidential and Senate elections.

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My third major hobby is cooking and kitchen gadgets. I will post recipes and commentary on cooking on this site from time to time. My favorite styles of cuisine are Tex-Mex, Asian, and Southern.

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