About Me

About Me

I was born in New Orleans, but group up in Lafayette, Louisiana. I have been interested in meteorology since I was kid, living on the Gulf Coast, tracking hurricanes. In 2009, I began studying meteorology at the University of Oklahoma. I earned by Bachelor’s of Science in 2012. I then completed a Master’s of Science in Meteorology at the University of Miami in 2014. I worked in the private sector as a forecaster for two years, before moving to Fort Worth, where I now work for the National Weather Service.

My hobbies include sports (Oklahoma Sooners, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars), storm chasing (occasionally), hiking, camping, photography, and music. I am also an amateur radio operator (call sign: KG5TMP).

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed on this website are mine and mine alone, and in no way, express the views of my employer, or any other organization.

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GitHub (programming projects): https://github.com/jgodwinWX

(Photo at the top of the page: me at the summit of Medicine Bow Peak in Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest, Albany County, Wyoming, at an elevation of 12,013 feet).