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About Me

Born and raised in South Louisiana, I have been interested in meteorology since I was a little kid. While I grew up watching hurricanes, I eventually moved to the Southern Plains to attend the University of Oklahoma where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology (2012). After my time in Oklahoma, I went back to the tropics to the University of Miami where I received my Master’s degree in Meteorology (2014). I returned to Norman after Miami to work in private sector forecasting for a couple year, then eventually settled down in Fort Worth where I now work for the National Weather Service as a forecaster.

While I have always enjoyed outdoors and nature, my interest in the outdoors really started to take off after finishing grad school when I found getting outside a great way to lower stress. And with getting outdoors, came my interest in landscape photography. I have traveled across Oklahoma and Texas, as well as to New Mexico, Wyoming, and Arkansas during the past few years. I have a road trip planned to Colorado and Utah this summer.

When I’m not outdoors or at the office, another interest of mine is amateur radio (i.e. ham radio). I got my license (call sign KG5TMP) back in June 2017. It started as something I was doing as a little extra for work, but after passing my exam, the club who administered the exam offered me a free 6-month membership, so I thought, “What the heck?” Since then, what started out as something for work, has become a hobby in its own right. Unfortunately, since I live in an apartment, it is a bit difficult to operate on anything besides UHF/VHF, but once I get my own place, I will quickly be looking into building an HF setup. In the mean time, I continue to learn.

I developed this website to write about some of my interests, as well as host some of my photography, mainly for friends and family. I am not on any social media these days, as Facebook and Twitter, in my opinion, have become very toxic environments. If you wish to reach out to me, you can contact me via email: jasonwgodwin[shift+2]gmail[dot]com. (Keeping the spambots away…you get the idea).

Me at the summit of Medicine Bow Peak (12,018 feet) in Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest, WY in July 2017.